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Word of His Grace Church exists to enable believers to come into a healthy relationship with God the Father through our Lord Jesus Christ. We believe this is done through the Holy Spirit, the Word of God and a community of believers. We believe it is Father’s will for our Christianity to be life-transforming and central to our way of life.

On this site we offer free listening to many powerful teachings by Joe McIntyre, many of which are accompanied by outlines that may be freely downloaded. In depth teaching of the Word is also offered in books, CDs and MP3's. You may also read and subscribe to Joe's blog by clicking the 'Pastor's Blog' button on the left.  There are also articles on various topics (frequently updated) that may be downloaded.  Joe also has many messages on YouTube which may be watched.

Hear Joe teach about the vision of Word of His Grace Church in What Kind of Church Is this Anyway?

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Are You In Need of Healing?

A large part of our calling as a church is to healing and restoration.  We pray for the sick after our Sunday evening service.  We can also arrange to meet with people in need of healing with a small team before our service at 3:30 in the afternoon on Sundays.  We are now developing an appointment-only meeting for folks before our 5:00 pm service.  You can call the office to arrange an appointment.  A small team will meet with you for a time of prayer.  We are also developing teams to go into homes of the sick in our area (the north end of Seattle and the East Side) and pray for people in their homes.  You can call the office for assistance.  Please note our office hours listed in the left column of this page.

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Joe’s three latest books: Establishing Our Hearts in the Grace of God; Healing by Faith: Evangelical Christendom’s Lost Heritage; and, The Eternal Defeat of Satan are on sale as a package. The regular price would be $42 for all three individually, but if you purchase all three they are available for a limited time for $29 (plus postage)!!

Joe' s Most Recent Book.

Throne Life
Sharing Christ's Throne - book by Joe McIntyre

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