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The Unfolding of Grace in the Believer’s Life

Joe McIntyre

Many today in the Church understand that Christ died for their sins. This is important
and necessary to receive Salvation. We must believe in our hearts that God raised Him
from the dead and confess with our mouths His Lordship to be saved (Rom. 10:9, 10).
But to really grow up in Christ we must move beyond Christ FOR us. The next phase of
our understanding is us IN and WITH Christ. The New Birth brought us into Christ and as
we come to understand the apostle Paul’s revelation, we see that we were CRUCIFIED,
DIED, BURIED, MADE ALIVE, RAISED and ENTHRONED with Him as well. As we grow in
understanding and walking in these Truths, we renew our minds and learn to walk in the
spirit. Having moved into these amazing Truths we begin to see that now Christ is being
formed in us. CHRIST IN US becomes the new goal. Father’s intention to bring many
sons to glory becomes part of our personal vision. The Light comes that we are really
predestined to be conformed to His Son. The more we behold Him in the Word, the
more we want to let Him take His place in us. We are being transformed from glory to
glory by the Spirit of the Lord. Despite the fearful Christians around us, we are focusing
on the One who frees us from all fear. We taste His glory and what we see ahead for
ourselves is a greater entering into His glory. Perfect Love casts our all fear.

Grace always meets us where we are. We are fully accepted from the moment of
the New Birth. We are accepted in the Beloved and now are free to grow without
condemnation (Rom. 8:1). But grace then works in us to help us renew our minds and
put off thinking that is not Christ like. Though we are New Creations in Christ, we can
still have areas of our thinking that need to be adjusted to reflect Christ more perfectly.
God has begun a good work in us which He has promised to complete (Phil. 1:6). A large
part of maturing in Christ is resting in His Finished Word and trusting the indwelling Holy
Spirit to guide us into all Truth.

Cease striving and behold Him in the Word. You will be amazed at what He can do in

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