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Abba, Father

Joe McIntyre

Paul tells us that the Holy Spirit within us cries, “Abba, Father.” He calls
the Indwelling One the Spirit of Adoption. Actually, the word translated
“adoption,” would be better translated as the NIV translates it, “sonship.”
The Greek word means “to place as an adult son.” It has more to do with
receiving the inheritance than our modern concept of adoption. We are not
adopted sons. We are “born ones” as the Greek word for “child” literally
means. Then we are adopted, that is, given our inheritance. We are placed as
adult sons.

In Romans, Paul tells us we have not received a spirit of bondage or slavery
which would lead us back into the legalistic spirit of fear. We have received
this Spirit of sonship and He within us brings forth a cry from the depths
of our being – Abba, Father. As sons (or daughters) of God our innermost
being cries out to God to possess the fullness of our destiny and inheritance
in Christ. To a large degree, the travail that brings forth revival is the re-
awakening of this inward cry.

Tired of living with sin, compromise and up-and-down Christianity, we begin
to long for more of God and deliverance into the fullness we see described in
the Scriptures. We see something in God that creates in us a hunger for the
riches that Christ purchased at such great price, and a cry of anguish starts
to captivate our hearts.

In Galatians, Paul mentions the “Spirit of His Son in our hearts crying out
Abba, Father.” Christ in us, is crying out to the Father by the Holy Spirit.
Jesus longs to see His Finished Work exalted in the earth by a people
appropriating all He died to provide. “Raise up My Body, Father, to glorify
Your Name in the earth that the world might know that You really did send
Me.” Jesus’ desire grips our hearts with intercession. The Holy Spirit takes
hold together with us against our weaknesses and within we find groanings
that cannot be uttered in articulate speech. A cry escapes our lips for the
Church and for the Lost.

In Gethsemane, Jesus faced the tremendous pressure created by the
realization of what He must endure to pay the price for our sins. We each

face a “cup” of suffering and endurance to fully obey the call on our lives.
Satan fears revival and the fulfillment of this cry of Jesus through the
hearts of His people. Demonic pressure comes against those yielding to this
cry. We find ourselves in our own Gethsemane.

But there is good news. Jesus shed His blood in the garden in His struggle
to fully obey and fulfill the Father’s will. There is power, power, wonder-
working power in the precious blood of the Lamb. We plead this blood over
our wills and call out, as Jesus did, “Abba, Father.” The victory of the Cross
was won in the garden. Jesus knows the way through to resurrection Life.
We will come out victorious. “The blood of Jesus, Abba, Father, the blood of
Jesus.” “Not my will, but Yours be done.”

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