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Healing Prayer Training

Personal Restoration

#1 Generational Issues - Listen on YouTube
#2 Spirit Soul Woundedness - Listen on YouTube
#3 Ungodly Beliefs - Listen on YouTube
#4 Demonic Opression - Listen On YouTube

PDF Downloads

Renunciation List

Traditions That Hinder Healing

#1 The Sovereignty of God
#2 What About Suffering
#3 Chastening of the Lord
#4 Plumbline
#5 What About Job-Part1
#6 What About Job-Part2
#7 Paul's Thorne in the Flesh

Basic Training

Focused Prayer
Release Healing Power
Practical Aspects of Ministry

Divine Healing Basics

#1 The Source of Sickness
#2 Sin & Sickness
#3 Healing in Redemption
#4 Healing in Redemption Pt.2
#5 Is Healing for All
#6 Redeemed from the Curse of Sickness

Closing the Door on the Devil

#1 Occult Renunciation
#2 Renouncing Generational Curses - The Prayer
#3 Soul Ties
#4 Judgement and Vows
#5 Familiar Spirits
#6 Keeping Your Healing

Deliverance The Ten Step Model (Video)

Deliverance The Ten Step Model Part 1
Deliverance The Ten Step Model Part 2
Deliverance The Ten Step Model Part 3

Healing Hindrances (Video)

Healing Hindrances

Hope Deferred (Video)

Hope Deferred

Paul's Thorn (Video)

Paul's Thorn

Have You Heard about Jesus? (Video)

Have You Heard about Jesus?

The Lord's Compassion (Video)

The Lord's Compassion

Joe's most recent book.

Throne Life
Sharing Christ's Throne - book by Joe McIntyre

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